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  • Thank you Ameena both myself and my son took an immediate liking to you.
    You were highly professional and made us feel completely at ease.
    The assessment of my son was very thorough and detailed, all areas were covered and it really gave us the tools and the peace of mind to move forward in the direction that was most beneficial for my son.

    Alison Kilford
  • I cannot thank, or recommend Amena enough. My daughter has been struggling in school for years, with so many teachers saying different things, she unfortunately lost confidence and self esteem. Getting the diagnosis showed her that there was a reason she struggles. Amena is passionate about her job and this shows in everything she does and because of this, anyone that goes to her will thrive in self confidence and believe in themselves again. Thank you!

    Amy Denton
  • Ameena really put my son at ease when completing his assessments.
    Her approach was professional, through and supportive, which was great.
    My son was being re-screened ready for moving onto University.
    The report provided made the process of his DSA application straightforward, and it was great fully received by the university.
    Plus reassessment helped my son to identify how his learning needs had changed over the years and what support could be suggested to help him progress onto further studies.

    I’d highly recommend Ameena - 10/10 from us.

    C Morse