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  • My 10 year old daughter had been struggling at school in year 4 she is now year 6 with lots of boundaries that faced us before we decided to contact alternative learning to help and support us with a diagnosis. We met Amena and felt comfortable instantly she was so good with my daughter and explain everything that she was going to help her to find her own superpowers.
    Assessment day came and it was made to be so relaxed. We have just received our report with the diagnosis and now we can move forward with the right support and tools that Sophia needs.
    Really appreciate everything Amena did to help us. Thank you so much.

    Kelly Hawkins
  • I was unaware of any difficulty - everything for me had been established as my 'normal' at the age of 57! However my adult daughter was found to be dyslexic after finishing university and items in her assessment made me question myself. Amena was introduced by my employers and took time to get to know and understand how I think, work and process. Amena asks great leading questions and was great to work with. Her style is informal and conversational, yet businesslike and unhurried.

    Her report following assessment is detailed and practical with good descriptions, comments, recommendations and
    additional practical resources.

    I would highly recommend Amena to people of any age that have need of help, support or assessment in these areas.

    Steve W

    Steve W
  • We suspected that our boy has a certain degree of dyslexia for quite a while and looking for a way to have this assessed, we discovered this site and got in touch with Amena.
    The test took about three hours, but for our boy this time didn't feel like a stressful set of tasks as Amena guided him through each step of the test in a very friendly and approachable manner. Before and after the test Amena discussed with us all openly, allowing us to understand better the test, the condition, the things we can do to manage it.
    The test results came with confirmed dyslexia, presented in a well justified and descriptive report which was very well appreciated by the school.
    The report came also with advice we started to follow at home in helping our son develop his skills and manage the weak points he is now more aware of.
    We highly recommend Amena to anyone who wants to have this kind of assessment done.
    Thank you, Amena.