Below you will find testimonials from our clients.

  • Hi Amena
    After your assessment our whole life’s have changed. Caleb now has the pen you recommended and this has changed his school life. The school has put things in place that you recommended and he is finally making progress. I can’t thank you enough as all the support he is getting at school has changed our home life as he is a happier more confident boy and for that we will be forever grateful. The patience you had with him during the assessment I also want to thank you for.
    Thanks Laura

    Laura Cook
  • Good afternoon Ameena

    I just wanted to send you a quick update on how Cacy is doing.

    She has come on leaps and bounds since the assessment in February.

    In her recent school report she has made accelerated progress in reading and she is at the expected level with some elements of just above expected; she achieved 37/50 in her reading paper at the end of the year, with was the requisite additional time to complete this.

    At home we have been using flash cards as you suggested and it’s so much more effective. We have ones for spelling (taken from her writing) and ones for reading (which we add to whilst reading together every evening). The flash cards are brilliant and she is building her bank of words unbelievably quickly.

    I wanted to say a big thank you to you. She is a very happy confident girl and your assessment definitely helped her to remember to be proud of her strengths and persevere with areas that she finds challenging.

  • Thank you, Amina and The Adult Community Learning team for giving me dyslexia assessment and diagnosis.
    The assessment has given me the confidence to tick the box to say I have a learning difficulty and let people know how I work best rather than struggling alone trying to hide it. It is really worth finding out what challenges you and why, as every body is different and there are many things you can do to make learning a better experience.
    I wanted to share that it is never to late to get a diagnosis.
    Thank you again to all involved!