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  • Ameena really put my son at ease when completing his assessments.
    Her approach was professional, through and supportive, which was great.
    My son was being re-screened ready for moving onto University.
    The report provided made the process of his DSA application straightforward, and it was great fully received by the university.
    Plus reassessment helped my son to identify how his learning needs had changed over the years and what support could be suggested to help him progress onto further studies.

    I’d highly recommend Ameena - 10/10 from us.

    C Morse
  • Ameena really helped my daughter to understand herself more clearly and to accept herself for who she is and how she is. So understanding in her profession Ameena has amazing skills for listening and seeing the person in front of her. I cannot thank Ameena enough and highly recommend any parent who is constantly being told their child is disruptive and is constantly outcast by teachers to speak with Ameena as schools do not seem to have the time nor funds to simply understand or question whether your child is dyslexic or has learning difficulties etc etc.
    Thank you Ameena

    Paula WILSON
  • Amena was fantastic with my son, he came away from the assessment feeling understood and having a much better understanding of himself with all his strengths and difficulties.
    We are so pleased that we had the assessment done, the report was so helpful and I feel it will really make a difference for him. Thank you

    Charlotte Mellor