Below you will find testimonials from our clients.

  • I have contacted Amena as my son had so many problems at school. She diagnosed him with dyslexia and some memory capacity issues. Amena is so lovely, she knows how to listen. Very professional service she provide. I'm so happy that my friend recommended Amena to me. Her diagnose was very helpful and supportive at school. Also makes my son's life easier.
    Thank you Amena!!!!

  • Amena recently conducted a diagnostic assessment with our 7 year old. We were impressed with how accommodating and understanding she was. After an initial information gathering conversation as 'the investigator' into why he didn't like school and reading, she came back again to our home to do the assessments. Whilst he was nervous when first meeting her, he was put at ease and appreciated that she was there to help. Her report was thorough and useful, stating that he's dyslexic and giving recommendations on how to support him with his specific areas of weakness. Thank you Amena for all your help.

  • I am 19 and had an amazing dyspraxia and dyslexic assessments with Amena.

    She was very patient helpful. I felt very calm and ease with Amena. She made what could of been a very hard and stressful experience much more simple, less stressful and smoother.

    Amena always listened to be carefully and really hard what I had to say. Very helpful and always answered my parents and I questions promptly,friendly and helpful responses.

    I would recommend Amena to anyone I know.